The work of Benoit Blanchard concerns the persistence and malleability of images; their fluid changeability, and the ways that they relate to the moment of their inception. The tenacity of images, as well as the respect in which images are both familiar and omnipresent; these are the themes with which Benoit works.

Every series of pieces starts with an obstacle. When an image begins to be separated from its literal reality, it fractures into numerous different possibilities, logics, and mental trajectories. The image, filled with contingencies, becomes an event in itself; an image of sunlight coming through a door, shedding calm, cool light on a room, the lines of a floor, for example. What’s more, people and the strange ways that interpersonal connections form are also at the core of this work.

Paintings, drawings, critical and theoretical writings condense in this gap. Abstract images support new narrations, acting as symbols which, thanks to constant repetition, eventually lose all connection with the event that they represent, and instead create a new reality of their own.